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Since life doesn’t just happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., we offer quick and easy access to your accounts 24/7.

CU-ONLINE — With CU-ONLINE, your computer, and the Internet, you have access to a secure 24-hour virtual branch. CU-ONLINE does more than just give you access to your account—it gives you the power to perform many of your most needed transactions, including paying your bills—right at your fingertips. Free Electronic Bill Pay also available. Click here for an application.

AMIE: 24-hour Telephone Banking — With AMIE, you can make account transactions from work, on the road, or from the comfort of your own home simply by calling 301-683-2803 on any touch-tone phone. View the AMIE menu.

ATMs — Access your savings, checking, or line of credit accounts 24 hours a day from over 100,000 automated teller machines worldwide! In addition to our own ATMs, you can use your card wherever you see the Honor or Cirrus sign. To avoid charges for withdrawals from foreign ATMs, look into our Membership Rewards program.
Find ATMs near you.

VISA® Check CardUse it as an ATM card, or use it to make purchases directly from your checking account wherever you see the VISA® logo.

Direct DepositRecurring paychecks, Social Security, and pension checks can be deposited directly into a designated account each pay period, saving you time and worry.

Wire TransfersMake money transfers from your credit union account to any banking facility in the world. A wire transfer is fast and foolproof. Outgoing bank-to-bank wires through the Federal Reserve are only $25.00 at the Credit Union.

Wiring money to the Credit Union is fast and easy too. Just wire to:

  • The AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union, Washington, D.C.
  • ABA Number 254074031
  • For credit to: (Name of Member), Account Number, (Account to be Credited)

The Credit Union charge for incoming wires is only $10.00.

Wiring money into or out of your Credit Union account saves both time and frustration. Click here for a Wire Transfer Request form or for further information about wires, call the Credit Union office at 301-683-2800.

Other Services

  • Certified checks
  • Cashier’s checks

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