Telephone Banking

With AMIE 24/7 Telephone Banking, you can make account transactions from work, on the road, or from the comfort of your own home simply by calling the NEW number 202-637-8855 (formerly 301-683-2803) on any touch-tone phone.


1. Account Balance and Transaction History

Current Account Balance
Savings Balance
Checking Balance
CU Cash Balance
Balance — Any Suffix
List All Loans
History of Deposits
Direct Deposit — Savings
All Deposits — Savings
Direct Deposits — Checking
All Deposits — Checking
All Deposits — Any Suffix
History of Withdrawals
List of Cleared Checks
ATM Withdrawals — Savings
ATM Withdrawals — Checking
ACH Withdrawals — Savings
ACH Withdrawals — Checking
All Withdrawals — Any Suffix
Year-to-Date Interest
Year-to-Date Dividends — Savings
Year-to-Date Dividends — Checking
Year-to-Date Interest — CU Cash
Year-to-Date Interest — Any Suffix
Cleared Check Inquiry
List of Cleared Checks
Single Cleared Checks

2. Fund Transfers or Check Withdrawals

Perform Transfers
Savings to Checking
Checking to Savings
CU-Cash to Checking
Transfer Between Any Two Suffixes
Check Withdrawals
Check Withdrawal — Savings
Check Withdrawal — Checking
Check Withdrawal — Any Suffix

3. Calculate a Loan Payment

Calculate a Loan Payment
Calculate the Amount That Could Be Borrowed

4. Special Services

PIN Change
Change Account
List All Active Loans
Enter and Release a Stop Payment

5. Current Dividends and Interest Rates

Current Dividends on Shares
Current Interest on Loans
Current Credit Card Rates
Current Certificate of Deposit Rates
Current IRA Certificate Rates

6. Loan Application