Fees And Disclosures

Schedule of Fees

effective APRIL 1, 2019

Deposit Account Fees Fee
Returned Deposit Item Charge $32.00
Redeposit Charge $10.00
Stop Payment — Your Check or ACH Debit $32.00
Stop Payment — Our Check (On-Us Check) $32.00
Escheat Fees/Unclaimed Property $50.00
Inactive Account Fee*** (Applies to accounts inactive for 1 year or more) $5.00/mo.***
Excessive Withdrawal Fee- per Occurrence (Over 6 per month for Savings) $5.00

Checking Account Fees Fee
Release Stop Payment $5.00
Certified/Cashier's Check $10.00
Check Copy/Share Draft

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Checks, ACH ( Electronic debit), Regulation D, Overdrawn or Negative Account, Debit Card Overdraft, ATM Card or Online Bill Pay NSF (each presentment/transfer) $32.00
Courtesy Pay (each presentment/transfer) $32.00
Overdraft Transfer from Shares $2.00
Release ACH Stop $5.00
Account Opening Fee — Fresh Start Checking $25.00
Monthly Service Charge — Fresh Start Checking $10.00
Foreign Check Collections (US & Non-US Dollars)
Up to $2,500
Over $2,500

Prices vary dependent on style ordered

ATM/Visa Debit Card Fees Fee
ATM Transaction Fee (ATMs not owned or operated by AFL-CIO EFCU) $1.50 (per transaction/inquiry)
ATM Card Issue/Replacement $10.00
ATM PIN Issue/Replacement $5.00
Point of Sale Purchases FREE
Emergency Card Replacement Lost/Damaged $55.00

Loan Fees Fee
Loan Late Fee If your payment is more than 15 days late a late fee will be charged of 15% of the monthly principal and interest payment, or $25.00 whichever is less.
Returned Loan Payment Item Charge (Check) $32.00
Returned Loan Payment Item Charge (ACH) $32.00
Recording Vehicle Liens
(Titling Vehicles with the AFL-CIO EFCU as Lienholder)
Jurisdiction Cost plus $25.00
Releasing Liens on Loans Secured by Real Estate Jurisdiction Cost plus $50.00
Subordination Agreement
(Credit Union Subordinates Lien Held by Credit Union to Another Lender)
Loan Deferments (Maximum 4 Per Life of Loan) $25.00 Per Deferment
Loan Modification (Maximum 2 Per Life of Loan) $25.00 Per Modification

Additional Services Fee
Paper Statements 1.00/mo
Online Statements FREE
Electronic Bill Pay FREE
Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer $25.00
Incoming Wire Transfers** $10.00**
Address Locator/Bad Address Fee $10.00/mo.
Account Research $25.00/hr.
Express Mail/Overnight Cost+$10.00
Tax Levy/Garnishment $100.00
Statement Copy/Account History
$5.00 per statement copy
Account Closure Within 6 Months $10.00
Acount Verifications (Third Party) $10.00
Money Market Excessive Withdraw Fee**** $10.00****
Official Check Request via Phone Call to the Credit Union $5.00
Balance Inquiry via Phone Call to the Credit Union $3.00
Transaction History via Phone Call to the Credit Union $3.00
Transfer Request via Phone Call to the Credit Union $3.00
Notary Service for Members FREE
Notary Service for Non-Members $5.00

** Additional fees may be imposed for certain wire transfers to foreign countries as applied by correspondent banking institutions.
**** The first three (3) withdrawals in a given month are free. Additional withdrawals up to a total of six (6) in a given month are subject to the Money Market Withdrawal Fee. Withdrawals are limited to a total of six (6) per month.