Personal Loans

Whether you need to consolidate debt, establish a line of credit or finance a new purchase, we have a lending product to suit your needs.

Personal/Signature Loan (Maximum up-to $35,000*)

When you want to borrow; to pay taxes, take a vacation, purchase electronic equipment, have a large unexpected expense, and much more; you could be covered with our Personal/Signature Loan. You can borrow up to $35,000* at a low, fixed interest rate.

Disclosure: *Not all borrowers will qualify for the maximum amount of $35,000.

Bill Payer Signature Loans

When you want to consolidate your bills, need to pay taxes, or have a large unexpected expense, you’re covered with our Bill Payer Signature Loan. You can borrow up to $35,000 at a low, fixed interest rate.

Secured shared, secured certificate and secured line of credit

If you are looking for a low interest loan with substantial savings, consider securing your loan with your credit union savings account or certificate.

signature Line of Credit/Overdraft Line of Credit

A Signature Line of Credit (LOC) can be used to fund expenses. An Overdraft Line of Credit  (OD LOC) can be used to protect against checking overdrafts. You can access your LOC up to the approved limit in person, by calling AMIE (24/7 Telephone Banking), or by using Internet/Home Banking. It’s cash when you need it, but costs nothing until you actually use it.