The mission of the AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union is to be the primary financial institution for union families, providing quality products and member service, consistent with the values of the labor movement.

who we are

As a credit union, we exist solely to serve the financial needs of our membership. Those services include not simply loans and savings and checking accounts, but all sorts of ways to make it easier to manage the money in one’s accounts. 

Our credit union is run democratically. The members elect a board of directors in annual elections. Our day-to-day operations are carried out by a professional staff whose members always treat you as more than just a customer. After all, when you belong to AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union, you’re one of the owners.

membership eligibility 

You are in the field of membership of the AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union and are eligible to join and participate fully in our credit union if you are employed by:

  • The AFL-CIO

  • An affiliated AFL-CIO International Union
    -Airline Pilots; State, County and Municipal Employee; United Food and Commercial Workers; Communications Workers of America; International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers; American Federal of Teachers; Machinists; Government Employees; National Association of Letter Carriers; Laborers; American Postal Workers; and Sheet Metal Workers

  • A constitutional department of the AFL-CIO

  • A state or local central labor body

Or if you are a member of:

  • Office and Professional Employees International Union-Local 2

  • United Food and Commercial Workers Union-Local 400

  • National Football League Players Association

  • International Union of Painters Allied Trades, District Council 51

Or if you’re retired from any eligible field of membership.

If you’re a member, all your immediate family members are also eligible to join, no matter where they live. Immediate family members include: your spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren, stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings, and adoptive relationships.

Once you join the AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union, you’re a member for life. Even if you change jobs, move, or retire, you can still continue to enjoy the many benefits of Credit Union membership.

Affiliated unions

Employees of the following international unions which are affiliated with the AFL-CIO are eligible to join the AFL-CIO Employees Credit Union: