Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is fast and foolproof. Wiring money into or out of your Credit Union account saves both time and frustration.

Wire from your AFL-CIO Employees FCU Account

Make money transfers from your credit union account to any banking facility in the United States. Outgoing bank-to-bank wires through the Federal Reserve are only $25.00 at the Credit Union.

Download a Outgoing Wire Transfer Request Form.

Wire to your AFL-CIO Employees FCU Account

Send your wire to:

  • The AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union, Washington, D.C.
  • ABA Number 254074031
  • For credit to: (Name of Member), Account Number, (Account to be Credited)

The Credit Union charge for incoming wires is only $10.00.

For further information about wires, call the Credit Union office at 301-683-2800.